A Travel List

I spend quite a bit of time traveling during the year, and when I’m at home I like to think about places to go next.  Besides planning for specific trips I make lists of important things to keep in mind.  These are the some of the considerations.

TuscanyThe best time(s) of year to travel.  I really like traveling in the spring, especially May.  I don’t think I’ve been anywhere when it hasn’t rained at all, but at least in the spring the rain helps make the flowers prettier and everything greener!  The autumn is a nice time too, particularly in places where it gets so hot in the summer.   I always bring at least one umbrella and a poncho in order to be prepared for the weather.


Where to get currency for the place I’m going.  I usually have money exchanged at my regular bank, but sometimes I’ll get some extra money – smaller denomination bills and coins – at airport currency exchange counters.  I don’t use them as my main source because they aren’t always open when I’m there.


What to wear on the plane.  I like layers because the temperature goes from hot to cold at any given time.  And on international flights you’re usually provided with a little pillow and a blanket to keep warm.

What do I want to see?  Mountains or coasts, cities or towns, lots of activity or mostly leisure time…



It’s really helpful to create one or more lists while I’m planning.  Working things out in advance helps make the trip much more enjoyable!


54 thoughts on “A Travel List

  1. I like when you write about travel plans, I get the impression that you really embrace the planning stage and the amount of time you give to thinking about your trips in advance is no doubt why you have such enjoyable experiences (although I’m sure there are challenging times, too, because that’s the nature of the beast, you can’t plan for every eventuality). Taking a poncho is a good idea, I’ve never done that myself, but I don’t often go anywhere without an umbrella. Mind you, there are places where an umbrella is next to useless. I was in the Shetland Islands once and my umbrella broke due to high winds, but because of the driving rain I felt I needed another one. So, I bought a replacement, and guess what, it broke almost immediately! A poncho would have been an excellent idea.


    • I thoroughly enjoy the planning process and will start months in advance! But you’re right, unexpected things happen. And I understand your umbrella incident – the same thing happened to me during a storm in Madrid! I now bring a poncho just in case… :)


  2. Oh how I wish I could travel in May (or September)! Not possible as a high school teacher, and although I’m sure nobody feels sorry for me since I have the summer off, the prices and crowds are so high (and often the heat) at that time of year that it can sometimes be a grueling experience. For that reason, I treasure my spring break vacations. I’m like you, I like to plan trips well in advance, even if I never take them! It’s fun to dream.


  3. Hey Meg, great article and photos, Tuscany is one of my MOST favourite places. I love the planning too. It is almost the best bit for me! What I would love to know from you and from others who blog about travel is how they fit it in with work and other responsibilities. I’m sure everyone has different approaches but I would love a few tips! Taking a few weeks each year as part of our vacation time is obvious. But what about slightly more travel and extended trips???? Any thoughts?


  4. I fully believe that whether it’s travel or a special project, sometimes the planning and anticipation is important in setting not just the pace towards being prepared, but also jumpstarting the experience itself. Planning can heighten the experience in advance! You are an excellent strategic planner and I think your list is very helpful! Thank you!


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