Gelato Time

It’s time for some creamy, delicious gelato.  I wonder which flavors I should choose – there are so many possibilities.  And I also have to consider what are good combinations.


When I was in San Gimignano  I was looking for a place to get gelato when I saw this sign:


I had to investigate and see for myself.   A gelato shop that wins an award like this must be visited immediately.  There was a line that went beyond the entrance door, but this made me even more convinced there must be exceptional gelato if people were willing to wait outside in the rain.  It was windy so I was glad I had my poncho.  Finally it was my turn to order.  I had carefully studied all the choices and decided on Nutella and crème brulee.  I wish I’d taken a picture of my gelato cone but I ate it too fast.  However here’s a picture of the napkins.


For the rest of the time I was in Italy I went to other gelato shops, but it was hard to forget the perfection of the gelato in San Gimignano.  This wasn’t actually a problem because I like gelato wherever I go.  Still, I’d like to go back and taste it again so I can set the standard impossibly high for others to try to match.


68 thoughts on “Gelato Time

  1. Ooh, my mouth is watering.

    I have now checked out the gelato in Florence, Rome and Sicily (purely for the benefit of the ‘gelato journal’ of course). Rome was best – definitely the cherry (not cherry yogurt, I tried both).

    Theoretically I suppose I don’t need to check San Gimignano as you have done it, but it might be worth a second opinion if I’m in the area I think.

    You’re welcome, I’d be glad to.

    • I’m so impressed with your research on gelato in all these places! If you get to San Gimignano I’d be interested to know what you think of the gelato there. This is important information… :)

  2. I saw the weirdest flavor name last month at a gelato shop in Marostica…and of course now I can’t remember exactly what it was, except it had the name “Williams” in it. So I decided that maybe it was a reference to the tennis sisters? Oh, why didn’t I ask!?

  3. My friend Paolo makes the best gelato I have tasted. He has 2 shops near us in Bagni di Lucca and I have to go often. My favourite flavours are nocciola, pistachio, caramel fig and chestnut.

    • I have to agree with you – taking a picture of napkins is disappointing when it’s supposed to be two scoops of gelato! I think I will go back and see if I can make the gelato last a little longer… :)

  4. I have those weird cravings for ice cream on cold winter days.. This is my calling to make that trip for a frozen yogurt.
    Gotta go, :-)

  5. When traveling in Tuscany earlier this year, we ate gelato at leat once, sometimes twice, daily. The display cases were works of art.

  6. You are so funny! But I agree. It’s a must to go back and make SURE about that gelato place!
    I missed the famous one. But I’ll bet it’s the only shop I missed..haha! I had fun combining flavors too. I could go back to Italy in a minute. There’s such a pull….such a feeling there. Hard to describe. (or is it the Cacao e Nocciole gelato?) ;) Love your posts!

    • It sounds like you like gelato as much as I do! (I don’t think I missed too many places either…) And I think that enjoying a gelato cone is one of my favorite memories of being in Italy!

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