Necessary Shopping in Florence

A visit to Florence should include shopping, from window shopping on the Ponte Vecchio to actual buying at places like the San Lorenzo market.  A good place to begin is with the Ponte Vecchio itself, which is impressive from either side of the Arno.


The shops on the Ponte Vecchio are beautiful and inviting.  There are always lots of people peering at the display windows.  The jewelry is carefully arranged and the shops themselves are unique.  There are many places to stop and take pictures to keep as souvenirs.


Nearby is the San Lorenzo market, which features row after row of things you really want at reasonable prices.  I didn’t bargain with the vendors, but lots of people did.  They seemed to be successful when they were buying in quantity.  Since I was buying one item at a time I checked several places to make sure the price was reasonable before I’d make a decision.  Among the things for sale were shoulder bags in black, brown, red, or other colors.  There were also shoes to try on and scarves and pashminas to consider.



shopAfter the shopping is complete take time to stop for a gelato and then admire the Duomo.  So shopping in Florence – along with sightseeing – is a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon.



70 thoughts on “Necessary Shopping in Florence

  1. Florence …. shopping …. they just go together. I found a lovely shop called Carpe Diem down one of the side streets by the Duomo – just had to buy. Too gorgeous to be called a cardigan but along those lines.


    • I’d say the Ponte Vecchio primarily has fine jewelry stores and people tend to window shop, whereas Rialto has a variety of shops in all price ranges. I hope you get to Florence soon and see all the beautiful art and architecture!


  2. What fun! I was there years go, and loved the same things. Aren’t the jewelry stores on Pont Vecchio amazing? Florence was my favorite city that we visited in Italy. Thanks for the memories. Beautiful pictures. Marsha :)


      • I did bargain with one of the merchants. Immediately he and another lady took me into a basement filled with beautiful inlaid wood items. Everything just sparkled. I bought a little music table, and a tray. I’ll have to take a picture of them and post them some time. I’ve had them for 24 years, and they are still beautiful. I don’t always buy things when I go places except maybe photos or post cards. I’m so glad I did.

        I also saw a door that I took a picture of, and it seems like the artist spent his WHOLE life carving the door – some immense amount of time like 50 years.

        The last thing I’ll talk about on my post to your blog, your pictures reminded me about the science museum we visited. I remember thinking how absolutely artistic all the science equipment had to be. Now we are so utilitarian, but then everything reflected an interest in art.

        See you got me going. :)


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