Travel theme: Hot

For this week’s theme I thought of the time I visited Pompeii, Italy.  I had decided to go on an afternoon walking tour and tried to keep cool before it began by standing under some trees.  When it was time to start the local guide said, “Put on a hat because there’s no shade after this.”  Since I didn’t have a hat, I knew it could only mean one thing:  a sunburn.  I looked for shade but there wasn’t any.  It was a hot day!

41 thoughts on “Travel theme: Hot

  1. Whew, it may only be 29 degrees here, but I feel like I need to turn the air conditioning on! LOL! I’ve been to that area of the world during the summer, and I know how brutally hot it can get. Great photos, I’d love to see more detailed shots of the ruins at Pompeii.


  2. I’ve always been fascinated by Pompeii. Even as a child I used to imagine how it would be to be an archaeologist and dig to find these people in their homes where life stopped still as the volcanic ash filled the town.


  3. I also visited Pompeii on a hot, sunny day, and remember thinking that the heat I was feeling was nothing compared to what those poor citizens felt on the day that Mount Vesuvius erupted.


  4. On that last sho particularly I can feel that heat. I really enjoyed my visit to Pompeii but it was many years ago and there is probably a lot more visible now – I found it utterly fascinating.


  5. I am quite sure you were just thrilled to be touring Pompeii. How wonderful to have had such an opportunity. I hope the heat wasn’t so bad that it detracted from your experience…and how bad was the sunburn?


  6. Brings back some great memories of my trip to Pompeii earlier this year – it was warm enough in April to catch some sun, could do with it to warm me up now on a very cold English winter’s day!


  7. So fun to see your pictures. I just returned from Italy and loved seeing Pompeii. I would recommend November! I was surprised at how many people were visiting then. I kept wondering how I would handle being there in bigger crowds and summer heat. I’ll eventually get some photos posted on my blog too.


  8. Pompeii was fun, but the lack of shade is not good – hubby ended up at the hospital in Sorrento in the evening after we visited Pompeii, possibly with a touch of sunstroke. Hat, umbrella and lots of water needed for a visit there.


  9. In book 1 of my Brides Trilogy, I sent my honeymooners to Italy. Sadly, I had to research the info I used, unlike those of you lucky enough to actually check out the sights first hand. Italy is a bucket list thing for me. From what I’ve seen, the whole Country is simply charming. Thanks for sharing your trip with others. :)


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