Travel theme: Circles

This is a detail from a door in Florence, Italy that contains circles for this week’s theme from Where’s my backpack?


Could it be Scrooge’s door?

39 thoughts on “Travel theme: Circles

  1. Great finding. I love it.

    Thank You liking my newest post. I have no explanation to it why nobody could leave comment. It is a mystery to me.

    I am still working by my Mobile broadband modem for my connection. I have been promised to get operational connection to our new home in December on Friday the 14th, 2012.Let’s hope that they keep their promise. Happily I made many posts ready for publication, because I expected something like this problem. My Internet connection is giving me more gray hair, gray although they are white grey already.

  2. As you might have guessed I am a knocker fan (sounds bad doesn’t it?) – have you seen the ones in the Muppet movie “A Christmas Carol”? Worth every second…

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