My Favorite Travel Collections

When I travel I know there’s a limited amount of space for bringing home keepsakes.  Whatever fits into a suitcase beyond what I brought with me is what I have to work with.  Oh, and my oversized purse and a tote bag.  And other bags from things I bought at the airport.  So there are lots of opportunities to bring home souvenirs and other important items such as chocolate.  But I already know that chocolate won’t make it through the plane trip, much less all the way home.


This is about some of the collections I’ve started from souvenirs from different trips.  One is an assortment of coin purses from places I’ve visited.  They have unique designs or patterns that are meaningful, such as these from France and Portugal.  And I keep leftover coins of different currencies in them in anticipation of a future trip.


I collect calendars for the next year when I travel.  This year I’ve been enjoying my calendar featuring various châteaux from the Loire Valley from my trip to France, and next year I’ll have several calendars that I bought when I was in Italy this past spring.  Sometimes the pictures on the calendars are postcards, which is great because I really like postcards.


Some of my favorite keepsakes are shoes, scarves, and jewelry.  I think Venice is one of the best places to get all of these, and I frequently wear my Venetian glass bracelets.  So I’ll keep making space in my suitcase to start new travel collections.


44 thoughts on “My Favorite Travel Collections

  1. I like to buy nice tea towels for myself and to bring back for others. Kitchen towels are something I use everyday (unfortunately!) so its nice to have a little memory to hold in my hands while I’m drying the dishes. In France I look for towels by Le Jacquard Francais, they are so pretty and pack easily in the suitcase, much like your wonderful selections.

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Great ideas. When I was still actively traveling, most of my vacations were to Mexico and the caribbean I’m a tropical kind of girl. I bought silver when in Cancun and to this day I still wear my favorite wide band plain silver ring every day which has garnered many a compliment. And I would buy T shirts for gifts and a few for myself as well. Whatever you buy abroad, it brings back wonderful memories and they are great conversation starters.


    • Thanks – I started buying coin purses to keep the currencies separate, and then I decided to look for them as keepsakes. And I don’t go anywhere that I don’t bring back at least one scarf!


  3. How wonderful to have so many memories attached to the useful things you bring home! As for chocolate…well, it’s an essential! And even though it doesn’t survive long, the yummy memories sure do! :D


  4. The little coin purses are adorable. A great gift, too, that doesn’t take up much space. And I never would have thought of calendars, but you could relive your trip daily. Great idea!


  5. What great mementos you bring back from your trips, Meg! I love the idea of the coin purses. I find myself noticing them in gift shops even here at home. I just like them! And calendars are a good idea, too! These are items that pack well, too!

    I’ll give you a little sneak peek at a future post topic. I was thinking of you in a shop recently taking photos of chocolates–true story. I got into trouble with the store manager who didn’t like me taking photos! He was nice about it, but…it’s all your fault Meg! LOL!


    • That should be a very interesting post! And I’m sorry Debra… :) I have to say that hasn’t happened to me (yet) but it could sometime. I’ll just have to spend more time buying and less time taking pictures!


  6. I like to bring food back too, especially something I can’t get here. Last time it was champagne from a producer who doesn’t sell in America. Then I shared it with those who didn’t get to accompany me on the trip. So they can’t wait until I set off on another adventure because they like the rewards coming back to them.


  7. I concur, Meg! Buying things from around the world just extends our travel pleasure from those destinations and we carry on those memories with us when we use/eat them! The other day Mark and I were walking through town when we suddenly realized: Hat from Switzerland, top from Spain, coat from England, scarf from Italy, bag from Singapore, boots from USA. We were decked out with various items from around the world and didn’t even realize it! :D


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