Window Views

Windows can be an interesting part of a building both from the outside and the inside.  When I travel I like to look for windows that are unique in some way.  I always notice flowers that adorn a window, or there may simply be laundry hanging to dry.



It’s also nice to be on the inside of a building and look at the view from the windows.  I always wonder what I’ll see from my hotel window when I’m on a trip.  Once I stayed in a hotel in Venice on the Grand Canal that had a window where I could see some of the boat traffic during the day.  Later on things quieted down and I saw boats lined up and parked for the night.  But the next morning at dawn the first delivery boats came through and soon it was busy again.


I had a memorable view of Lake Maggiore from a hotel window in Baveno, Italy.  When I looked out I had a glimpse of the lake.

Wherever I’m staying I like to look out the window right away and see the view.  Sometimes it’s just another building or a parking lot, but once in a while it is something special.

46 thoughts on “Window Views

  1. love the one with the flowers but the one with the laundry caught my attention when I finally noticed the little bridge that attaches the building to the street-at first it looked like you would just fall into the building when opening the door and then I noticed the steps which would prohibit that. How interesting.


  2. I do the same thing, and love to get a scenic surprise. Thanks for sharing some of your great views with us. Windows “make” the structure, I think.


  3. I love windows too, and doors! I always come home with a nice assortment of window and door photos. I like to think about who lives behind them and if the windows and doors could talk, what stories they could tell. Happy New Year!


  4. As I’ve thought about windows while looking at the interesting views you’ve provided, it occurs to me that i’ve been fortunate to always have access to rooms with windows! Not all views are beautiful, but all can be interesting if you pay attention. And to not have a window is to be closed in. Even my very modest office has a window…view of a parking lot, but I see trees and birds and can always see what the weather is like! Thank you for your post…I suddenly feel very appreciative! :-)


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      • I suppose there are advantages to an early evening Meg! It certainly saves quite a lot of money (to be used for travelling treats!) and I like being able to download my photographs, and think about the things I’ve seen during the day. I thought, now I’ve become a blogger, I might write about it too, but although I did start thinking about what I’d write, I didn’t start the writing till the morning and then it was time to get out into it!


  6. I like to photograph windows too; there’s something a little romantic about them, perhaps as they are a glimpse into the occupier’s life, and you can have fun with reflections and framing your images. Happy new year too!


  7. Gorgeous windows, particularly love the second one with the peeling plaster!
    On trips where I know our days are going to be jam packed with sightseeing,I compromise on the view if it is going to cost me considerably more. But on relaxing beach holidays and such, I am willing to splurge a bit more :-)


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