My 2012 in Pictures

It’s the perfect time to look back on this year’s travel destinations.  For me it started with trips to Dallas and Philadelphia in the winter followed by Anaheim in the summer, and then St. Petersburg, Chicago and North Carolina in the fall.  I was also in Italy during May.  Here is a sample of my 2012 in pictures.

Have a Happy New Year!

76 thoughts on “My 2012 in Pictures

  1. Hi,
    A lot of wonderful photos, and great memories for 2012, I love the photo you chose from Venice, it just looks unreal to me having a boat go along water so close to buildings like that, it must truly be a fantastic place to see.
    A Very Happy New Year to you and your family as well.


  2. They look so spectacular when they’re all put together like this! What wonderful travel adventures. I have really enjoyed vicarious traveling with you, Meg, and I’m sure you’ll have more to share in the future. A very happy and healthy 2013, my friend. oxo


  3. What a gorgeous collage, Meg! I always love your photos….so crisp and clear…you have such an eye for awesome shots. You had a great year! Looking forward to traveling with you in 2013!!


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  5. A very beautiful arrangement of photos and those gorgeous pots and the canals, all fresco dining and such make me wish I was there! Having just returned from my travels I’ve nearly forgot its only a week plus since I returned. It’s so important to have fun in the moment, less you miss any of the surround beauty when you’re away!


  6. Beautiful pictures. They bring back fond memories of our travels–to Barbados (my husband’s birthplace), Vermont and New Hampshire, Houston, and more. St, Petersburg makes me anticipate our upcoming trip to Clearwater-Largo-Bellaire to visit our new granddaughter and her family.


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