Some New Year’s Travel Resolutions


I decided to create a list of travel resolutions for this year.  It combines things I’ve learned over time and adds some new ideas such as:

Enjoy every minute of travel starting with the drive to the airport.

Think of other things to bring back as gifts besides chocolate because you always eat it before you get home.

There is no need to justify buying shoes, purses and scarves.  Just find space to bring them back!

Watch as many movies as you want on an international flight.

Hope for (but don’t expect) a clear passport stamp.

Keep a coin bank handy and save extra money for future trips.

Try to carry a smaller handbag when you travel.  Take a few things out and leave them at home.

Bring comfortable shoes and do a lot of walking.

Learn how to use your new camera and don’t drop it!

Take lots of pictures and enjoy your surroundings.

Bring back wonderful memories.

So there are my travel resolutions for this year.  I wonder how many of them I’ll keep…


65 thoughts on “Some New Year’s Travel Resolutions

  1. Keep them all, they all sound great!

    I always change my handbag for a rucksack style bag on holiday as I need my hands free for photos :) just bring a small wallet with one or two bank cards, passport, some home currency and your travel money. A bottle of water, medicines, tissues, baby wipes, hand sanitiser and a coin purse all in the bag, that’s it!


  2. I love all your resolutions! I can relate to so many of them! Like SHOOZ! ;)
    Also…the stamp thing! It can be so disappointing! Love the chocolate tip. lol Great ideas! Super post, Meg…and I adore your photos! Such dazzling glitter in your header…love it!


    • Hi Judy! Thank you – I tried to include all the important things like shoes and chocolate :) The header is a holiday picture I took in Chicago, but I may leave it up for a while longer… :)


  3. Great tips, hope I get to practice a few of them in the not-too-distant future. Can you believe that I bought chocolates in Germany (2 weeks into an 8 week trip) and they actually made it back to Australia!!! The rest I bought in Dubai, so nice knowing you can pick up truckloads of delicious Italian Perugina chocolate at the airport on the way home :-)


  4. Great to write them all down like that. Helps you cement them in your mind and keep them. I always was frantic when I traveled and never relaxed til I got to my destination. Somehow the flights were never comfortable for me nor relaxing. I tend to be slightly paranoid until we get to the destination gate and then I just go whew! so lovely to be here finally. Then it’s always an exciting time deciding what to see and do and it’s so wonderful to get away and experience something different. I bring back t shirts and sometimes jewelry. But then I go to the caribbean or mexico where jewelry is always a temptation. Once I brought back rum cake and coffee from Jamaica and oil paintings and a conch shell from the Dominican Republic. I do miss the traveling but am limited now as I have retired and want to use that money for other things. So enjoy all your journeys and take me along with your wonderful photos. It is always fun to see what your next adventure is.


  5. I have every faith that you’ll keep these although I admit to thinking, rather uncharitably, that you’ll still buy the chocolate even if you do buy other things as well (and quite right too, may I say, what’s travel without a nibble of chocolate?).


  6. Happy New Year, Meg, and thanks for the tips! I’m pleased to report that I’ve started the new year with a trip to Florida, my first time here and loving it. Happy travels in 2014!


  7. What a great list! And it reminded me of how disappointed we were when the French didn’t give us a stamp in our passports last July. In fact, it kind of caused a problem with the Germans when we connected through Frankfurt. They questioned how we got into Europe at all! Also, my favorite gift to bring home is the almighty bookmark. It’s got a lovely view, it’s cheap, doesn’t weigh anything and it’s useful!


  8. The good thing about a list like yours is that you can keep the resolutions you really like and ditch the rest and not feel too bad about it :-)

    Happy travels for 2013, I’m looking forward to the posts.


  9. Great tips. I need to learn from some of them, like don’t drop the camera. Now my macro function isn’t as sharp. And why is it nearly impossible to read the passport stamps? Happy New Year!


  10. It’s clear that you are an experienced, appreciative and thoughtful traveler. I enjoyed your list and agreed with each and every one. Best to you in 2013!!



  11. Nice list! Especially: “Enjoy every minute of travel starting with the drive to the airport”. I would even go so far to say that the packing part of the trip, especially when packing for Italy is also pretty enjoyable for me. I start sometimes a month in advance…anticipation is the BEST and a way to start savoring the whole experience up front! Buon viaggio!


  12. As for chocolates – it’s true! That’s why I always buy chocolates that I myself don’t like but my friends do. And stamps in passports: The clearest you get in Chile, Uruguay, Trinidad&Tobago and Cuba. Unreadable stamps as too faint: Mexico and USA.


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