CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

In December I was in Chicago to enjoy the holiday season.  As I strolled around an outdoor Christmas market there was an interesting reflection on one of the buildings.  It looked like this:


The two blogs I’d like to recommend are Elisa Ruland and Sharing My Italy…The Blog.  You’ll really enjoy them!

39 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

  1. That is an awesome shot! I love the way the building being reflected looks all ripped up and jaggedy in the building you shot. A fun, new way of shooting building reflections!


  2. Such a dramatic reflection, Meg! The other building looks as though it’s about to crumble, it’s almost animated. It’s such an interesting and professional shot.

    I’m so touched that you recommended by blog that I almost don’t know what to say, but thank you, you’ve truly made my day!!

    Take care,


  3. Very interesting reflection, Meg. The building looks alive!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs – both new to me – so I’ll HOP right over there now :)

    Great entry for this month’s challenge – well done!


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