Travel theme: Glass

The last time I was in Venice I decided to take a walk that first evening.  Since window shopping is so enjoyable (at least to me), I thought it might be interesting to see the shops at night and then plan to go back the next day.  There were many glass objects on display and everything sparkled under the lights.  Here are some pictures for this week’s travel theme of glass.

52 thoughts on “Travel theme: Glass

  1. One of the beauties of window shopping with a camera is that you can still take the riches home with you and your bank account hasn’t lost the battle. Love the sparkle.


  2. venice has a cornucopia of glass treasures .. so much to tempt the eye … we have piece at home bought by my my in-laws in the 70’s and carefully carried back across the world!


  3. You know that’s a smart way to shop. You won’t impulse buy and if you really, really want it you will go back the next day. But the chances of that will be slim as you will have gotten it out of your system by then. :-)


  4. As you know, I also love to window shop. These are great photos of windows full of glass in Venice. It would be so difficult to make a decision if one was to buy a piece.


  5. I’m willing to bet the “pretty awful” Venetian glass is from China! The beautiful pieces are the real Murano deal. Meg, I think I have a shot of one of those store windows as well. LOL! Eye-catching!


  6. The glass jewellery in Venice is beautiful, I came back with many pieces as gifts and as personal souvenirs and wish I had bought more but it gives me another reason to return. Lovely photos, brings back such wonderful, fun memories.


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