Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

I noticed this sign in Salzburg, Austria and decided to take a picture of it. When I looked at it later I realized that there were other signs in the picture.  If you look beyond the first few you may see one you recognize.  It was a surprise.


74 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

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  3. Ah, my hometown! Yes, I always found the brand-designs for those oldish looking signs hilarious. There are more of those, I think one of them was for Louis Vuitton.


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  6. I’ve been going through my reader on an ancient laptop whose screen is dull and lifeless. When a photograph pops through the fuzz like this one…you know it’s a great shot. LOVED IT!!! And its always so nice to see the Golden Arches when you’re far away from home, isn’t it? Thanks for making my night, Meg!


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