Around Seattle


I just got back from Seattle.  I was prepared for rainy weather which was good because it rained every day I was there!  I brought an umbrella that managed to catch a gust of wind and turn inside out the first time I used it.  But before looking for another one to replace it I noticed a container of umbrellas in the lobby of my hotel.  After finding out they could be borrowed I used one every day and stayed nice and dry.


Seattle is a great city for walking and there are overhangs on buildings that provide protection from the elements when walking from one block to another.  Although it was January the outside temperature was mild, and sometimes the weather went from a fine mist to light rain to a downpour (and then back to a mist).  As I walked around downtown I even saw a place to get gelato.  This should confirm that I will find gelato wherever I go!



I knew that I wanted pictures of the sign in front of Pike Place Market so I took several.  As I walked around inside the market I noticed a door in the back that provided a view of Elliott Bay.  After I took some pictures of the water I turned around to go back inside.  When I looked up I saw the back of the market entrance sign.  I had a feeling that most people don’t notice this and it seemed like a good idea to get a picture.  It will become another memory of Seattle.



55 thoughts on “Around Seattle

  1. I have a gustbuster umbrella. Never had any flipping up issues and I’ve owned it for 5 years now. And it has a lifetime guarantee. Can you believe it? The wind in Boston was brutal!

  2. I love Seattle and it is only two hours away from where I live in Canada. We don’t get there as often as I’d like but it is always a treat. Great pictures!

  3. So delighted you got to visit my hometown, Meg! And very fitting that you posted this on my dad’s birthday, as Richard’s and my parents and some more of our family still live in Seattle & nearby. Not exactly shocking that you got rained on steadily, but Seattle’s easy to love no matter what the weather, when you’re such a (no pun intended) seasoned traveler. I do miss Pike Place and look forward to every little chance to head to Seattle. Hoping to have some time there in the summer once again. Thanks for this trip down memory lane! xoxo, Kathryn

    • I’m so glad you liked the trip around Seattle Kathryn! It was beautiful in the rain (or mist) and with my sturdy umbrella I walked everywhere! I hope you get back there soon – there’s nothing like a good visit to your hometown… :)

  4. Twice in Seattle, sightings of Mt. Rainier, zip.
    Oh well. It’s a great place anyway — but pretty far from us.
    Fortunately Portland (that’s Maine, people, not OR) is like a little sister, or a miniature, of Seattle. So East Coasters have a nearby fix available. (Not a bad idea to bring an umbrella there, too)

  5. Seattle is a great place to visit. I never tried the hotels as there is family there. I have a photo I took several years ago of my son catching a salmon at the Pike Market. If you plan to return, I could give you a list of places to check out. Do you enjoy blown glass? The Dale Chihuly Glass Museum/Factory is just steps away from the Space Needle. A block before the market and around the corner is a tiny shop that makes fresh crumpets that are amazing…

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