Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

For the theme of home I thought of a place from a book I read a long time ago.  It was the main reason I had always dreamed of visiting Prince Edward Island.  So when I went there the first place I wanted to go was to Green Gables, home of Anne Shirley, Marilla and Matthew.  Along the way I even saw a road sign that featured Green Gables.

Green Gableshome

These flowers from Prince Edward Island are a reminder that spring will be here soon…


71 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Oh how I love Green Gables. I have my mother’s book she received as a young girl. What a lovely post today, a respite from our bleak cold snow. Thanks for sharing Meg.


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  5. I really want to see Green Gables one day. It was my favourite book growing up as it was my mom’s and my daughter’s as well. We are three generations of Anne Shirley fans. My Mom finally got to see it when Dad took her there for their 50th anniversary.


  6. Green Gables is special! You found the perfect photo to illustrate “home,” Meg. And those flowers do give us hope for spring. Even in my very temperate zone, I still long for the color and feel of spring! :-)


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  9. Seeing the home with the door wide open transported me into the simpler but harsher way of life. I felt like there is a cup of tea waiting for me inside the home. Thank you for the time-warp, Meg. You really should gather your photos for a book to publish…with your commentary and the loving photos, you have a hit !!


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  11. Being Canadian I have never read the Anne Books (shame on me), but I visited the house as a child. Funny I just downloaded this book for free yesterday though ;) Even in China people know about Anne of Green Gables. We have book week each year at school and each year someone dresses up like Anne. Must be another Canadian student, someone who read the books or someone who visited Prince Edward Island.


  12. I’m not sure why I never read Anne of Green Gables. You’ve inspired me to find a copy and make up for lost time. Lovely pictures, Meg!


  13. I live in Canada (although it is on the Western side of this massive country), have visited most of the provinces in this wonderful country and I have read all of the series… but have not had to chance to visit PEI yet and ultimately Anne of Green Gables’ home. It is definitely on my to do in the near future list. Thanks for this tribute to a wonderful Canadian historical landmark! ~Thea


  14. Thanks for liking my UP Challenge photos. I like your blog. This post about PEI is interesting. I was there once when I was a young girl. I don’t remember much. We also traveled around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I don’t think we stayed in one place long enough to know it well.


    • You’re welcome and I like reading about your upcoming trip! I’d always wanted to go to PEI so I tried to remember everything about it while I was there. I’d like to see Nova Scotia next time… :)


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