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This is part of a series on Travel Confessions.  My nomination was from Renee at cravesadventure and you should go to her blog and read her travel confessions too!

There are a few rules in the Travel Confessions series:

  • Post a photo (or photos) and description(s) of your confession(s) in a new post.
  • Tweet your post with hashtag #TravelConfession and follow/tweet @Traveling9to5
  • Tag 3 other travelers you’d love to see

My list is all about souvenirs.  Some are useful, some are decorative, and some never make it home at all (chocolate).

Confession 1:  I still bring home refrigerator magnets when I travel.  I already have a big collection, but they’re cute, inexpensive and easy to pack.  And when they’re on my refrigerator I get to reminisce about where I got them.  Here are some of my favorites.


Confession 2:  Shoes, handbags, jewelry and scarves are my idea of great souvenirs.  When someone admires one of these items I like to say, “I got this in Italy.”  Then I try to stop talking because otherwise I’ll describe the day, time and place where I purchased it.  But I always remember…

Confession 2 1/2:  This relates to Confession 2.  After my first trip to Florence I found myself with three handbags, two pairs of shoes and many scarves.  I barely had room for these in my suitcase and I finally had to leave the shoeboxes behind.


Confession 3:  Chocolate is a delicious souvenir, and sadly one that never lasts long because I eat it immediately.  Here’s an example:  I bought chocolate at the Rome airport that I ate before I boarded the plane.  However I still have the empty box.


Now I will nominate three bloggers to share their travel confessions:

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I’m looking forward to hearing your stories!

44 thoughts on “Travel Confessions

  1. You too? I can completely go off to some other place and time and give way too much information when something triggers a memory. I dion’t collect anything in particular a a souvenir but do tend to end up with Christmas tree ornaments. Then it takes days to decorate because I pull each one lovingly from its wrapping and travel back to the place and time and store….Yikes!!


  2. We collect magnets too – the bigger and flashier, the better! My husband’s favorite is a bottle opener with an acrylic cover of a pic of the London Eye. That magnet gets a lot of use!


  3. Fridge magnets are a great souvenir for the reasons you’ve given, but having something you can keep and use time and again (shoes, handbags, scarves, etc.) allows the memories to live on every time you give them an airing. As for chocolate, could there be anything better to spend your money on?


  4. Your confession about the fridge magnets reminds me that I bought a fridge magnet on my trip to Florida earlier this year, forgot it was in my purse and manage to demagnetize my work ID badge and a credit card. So, moral of the story: they make great souvenirs, but you have to be careful with them!


  5. What a wonderful, cheery post with your travel confessions. I love the visuals, the chocolate box, the shoes and the magnets. Delightful to read your confessions. And thanks for the like on my blog today. I always appreciate your dropping by to say hello.


  6. Shoes are the most wonderful souvenirs, I agree, until the time comes when people begin noticing them because they’re worn out … oh, the agony, of dust-binning my favourites from that little arcade in Paris, the bespoke cobbler in Venice … On top of which is the ‘space’ consideration – I’ve transferred the sartorial buys to gloves – the latest fuscia pink, silk lined finest leather that brightened (and warmed) my last week in Venice after winter arrived unexpectedly!


    • Your gloves sound wonderful (with a great story about them too)! And I agree that shoes only last a certain amount of time when they are used, whereas scarves or gloves can be kept indefinitely. That’s something I’ll keep in mind for the future… :)


  7. We have much in common, Perugina chocolate is delicious, we ate plenty of it during our trip and also had to buy a bundle (for gifts and personal use of course) at the airport to ensure it would make it home :-)


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