A Visit to Pike Place Market

There may still be snow on the ground but spring will arrive next month.  So although it is winter, warmer weather is on the way.   Here are some pictures that I took of flowers, fruits and vegetables from Pike Place Market in Seattle when I visited there recently.  It was wonderful to see these bright colors!


All kinds of fresh produce on display:

Pike Place MarketSeattle

Flower arrangements for sale:


I’m really looking forward to spring!


71 thoughts on “A Visit to Pike Place Market

  1. Beautiful photos. I feel so fortunate to have a local and large family-run farm market here that has all the beauty of spring/summer all year round inside, plus the warmth of very friendly employees. I love going there every week, it’s like a boost to the spirit! :)


  2. Talk about color, Meg! My goodness! This might be the most colorful grouping of photos I’ve seen in a long time. The tulips, in particular! I’ve never been to Pike Place Market, but I’ve heard of it many times, and you’ve really made it come alive for me! I would love to make the trip. :-)


  3. I loved your writings about Seattle.

    My now wife and I flew there from Brisbane, Australia at Xmas time in 2011 with the aim of getting married outdoors on 1/1/12 (her brother and his wife live there – he moved there a few years ago to work and never came back home to Australia).

    We did that up at Snoqualmie Pass, with a LOT of snow everywhere. We called into Pike Place on the way to the Pass to get some of those tulips you showed. I love Pike Place – was amazed that one could get such an array of colourful flowers and tasty fruit/veges at that time of the year. Coming for a visit again next year. Pike Place is definitely on the list of must re-visit. :)
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.


    • Thank you so much – it sounds like you have great memories of Seattle and Pike Place Market! I’ll never forget the gorgeous flowers and how nice it was to see them in the winter. I hope you have a wonderful trip and enjoy the market!


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