CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed

When I was in Assisi, Italy I found many examples of scenes that were framed by arches or windows.  Here are some of the places I admired the most.



And now here are my recommendations for two wonderful travel blogs:   A Lifetime’s Exploration and traveldestinationbucketlist.  I’m sure you will enjoy them.  Until next month!

55 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed

  1. What a fantastic selection of framed shots, for this month’s CBBH challenge, Meg. My favourite is the first one. I loved our visit to Assisi many years ago, before the beautiful church murals were damaged in the devastating earthquake.

    Thanks for including links to two blogs you enjoy :)


    • Thank you so much Marianne – this is such a fun challenge and I really enjoyed choosing these pictures! Assisi is so beautiful…they are making progress restoring the murals that were damaged, too :)


  2. i felt the wamrth of the sunshine and the brilliant colors of the buildings, the sky, the flowers and the lush green grass.What uplifting pics to see on this blah, gray day!!


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  4. Great pictures of beautiful Assisi! I took almost the exact same picture as your last one! I will not give away the location. Haha!
    Question – what is the CBBH Photo Challenge? Is it the same as the Weekly Photo Challenge? I would like to participate in the CBBH challenge. Thanks!


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