Scenes from Verona

It was during the spring that I had the opportunity to travel to Verona.  From an arena to an outdoor market there are lots of interesting places.  In addition there is the possibility of leaving a letter for Juliet that just might get a response.  And of course visiting her balcony is a must. These are some of my favorite scenes from Verona.

Here is a panoramic view of the city.


50 thoughts on “Scenes from Verona

  1. Love the panorama. That market looked like a nice place to visit, caught my attention! The stonework and masonry really draw me in.


    • When you upload a photo there is a list of options on the right hand side. The first says Title, and underneath it says Caption. That’s where you can type in a caption and save it along with the picture. Hopefully that will work for you!


      • It must have something to do with your template because whenever I’ve added captions that way, they just appear in a margin below my picture. In this post, yours are invisible but pop up when I run my mouse over the photo, which I like much better. Thanks anyway!


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