A Green Theme

I’m looking forward to spring this year!  It seems to be taking a long time though.  For a reminder of what’s coming soon, I have these pictures from Monet’s garden in Giverny, France.  There was a lot of green there, not only from the garden but from the farmhouse and the bridge.  Have a look.

GivernyGivernyGivernyI’m also looking forward to going back to France later this spring.  That means more planning!

82 thoughts on “A Green Theme

  1. I am so jealous (AGAIN). We were unable to see Giverny when we were in Paris/France. I really wish we had gone. Your photos are very pretty!


  2. Lovely! I’ve always wanted to go there – your pictures make me want to go even more!
    Thank you for taking the time to look at (and like) my blog. Yours is great and I am looking forward to seeing more of your travel pictures!


  3. Giverny should be seen by everyone visiting France. One of my favourite memories there is of the frequent groups of schoolchildren that come through with their sketch pads and eager expressions, capturing the images in their own unique ways.


  4. One of those places…gorgeous photos! We never went to Giverny because we always have too short a time when we go to Paris. I don’t know why – we will just have to make it longer.Now you have persuaded me – again!


  5. Isn’t it amazing the number of colors and shades of green that you see? It is such a Spring Thing to watch the foliage begin to unfurl, and before you know it, the entire world seems covered in green! Lovely photos. Very peaceful and relazing.


  6. The green which captured in these gorgeous photos is so beautiful. I love Monet’s garden, it is worth for visit. I have a small video from it in my YouTube channel.


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