Quiet Places in Venice

Large crowds are to be expected in Venice.  St. Mark’s Square is full of people taking pictures, waiting in various lines, shopping and sitting at tables eating a meal.  There are pigeons too.  But it’s really simple to escape the crowds and discover interesting places that are worth finding.  When I walk near the water a gondola or small boat might drift by, which makes the scene even more memorable.



It isn’t any more than a short walk back to where people are following local guides or just looking for somewhere to sit.  As I walk I am always looking for gelato shops, and there are many choices.  Then it is back to the search for quiet places.


When I’ve been to Venice the weather has been warm and sunny.  It doesn’t seem to be any particular time when I’m there which makes it easy to imagine the day will never end.



51 thoughts on “Quiet Places in Venice

  1. I’m like you – I look for the quiet nooks and roads where you find the true fabric of the area. Your photos are so intriguing, I always find myself wanting to know what’s around that next bend….

  2. There are lots of lovely quiet places in Venice, you just have to step away from the obvious bits and look for some delightful back streets. I usually go to Venice in the off season when the crowds aren’t too bad anyway.

  3. Venice is one of my favourite cities in the world. Like you, Meg, I love to escape to the quieter places – and they are really not far away, are they? Great photos!

    One thing I always make sure to do is take the No.1 Vaporetto water-bus from outside Harry’s Bar, up the length of the Grand Canal and back. Magical!

  4. I love the flower pots on the trellis, and the little sidewalk cafe. Off the beaten path, or taking the scenic route, that’s where I like to be, too.

  5. I’m with others in just loving the flower pots on the trellis! The salmon colored paint is so beautiful. It’s really nice to see another side of Venice. I like the tone you’ve captured really well!

  6. As you may recall, Venice is one of my favorite places on the earth. Turn a corner and find a spectacular image. I’m so jealous – wishing I was there. But you are brining it to all of us through your pictures and words. Thanks.

  7. Next to France, Venice is my destination of choice … any time of the year. It’s so much more interesting to do as the locals in the nooks and crannies rather than being a tourist. Peaceful photos, Meg! Grazie!

  8. I found that even in late October Venice can still be a bit crowded. I always try to get away from the crowds to have my meals, it is so much more pleasant. Your pictures are really nice…especially the one of the little restaurant in the alley.

    • Thanks! I wonder if there is any time of year that there aren’t crowds… It is so nice to find a quiet place to eat like the restaurant in the picture. Anything that makes the time go slower while you’re in Venice is good!

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