CBBH Photo Challenge: Multi-Coloured

The houses are really interesting in Burano, Italy.  I thought these pictures showed a variety of colors and under a blue sky they’re quite cheerful.




My two recommended blogs for this month are Denobears and Two Black Dogs.  I think you’ll really enjoy them!

44 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Multi-Coloured

  1. These are very striking colours. I’ve often thought it’d be very useful for giving directions, having such a brightly coloured home. “Mine’s the bright pink house, you can’t miss it”.


  2. Wow! What brilliant colours for the houses. I agree with Lorna, it would be great to live in one of them when giving out directions!

    Thanks for introducing us two two bloggers you enjoy, Meg. It’s always good to visit blogs recommended to us by others :)


  3. I really love the colors of the charming houses of Burano, Meg. I was trying to pick a favorite but found it to be impossible!


  4. Love the colourful Burano, your photos take me back and I can almost taste the delicious seafood lunch I enjoyed there. Thank you for the shout out, it is an honour to be one of your recommended blogs :-)


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