Souvenirs from France

I’m getting ready to go to France next month and I decided to look through some of my souvenirs from earlier visits there.  When I go this time I’ll mainly be in Provence which will be new to me.   My idea of souvenirs include postcards, maps and museum guides.  In addition I have quite a collection of scarves and purses (among other things) from France that I still have at home.  But I also consider photographs to be souvenirs because they are special to me and have wonderful memories.  These are some of my keepsakes from France.

Here I’ve included a few pictures I took in Paris that are my idea of postcards.  They are now among my favorite souvenirs.

This is from Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


A street sign.


And here is a landmark that needs no caption.


64 thoughts on “Souvenirs from France

  1. Jealous! I went last year. For me, the best souvenirs from Provence are foodie items…lavender honey (lavender anything really), herbes de provence, etc. They don’t weigh a lot either. Have fun!

  2. I’m excited for you! I’ve only been to Paris and what a fun and beautiful place. Just walking through it you can feel all the history.

  3. Wow, must have been awe inspiring to see the beautiful stained glass windows and dome at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Have fun on your trip and bring back your usual stories and awesome pictures.

  4. If you have an e-reader, you might want to check out Patricia Sands’ book, The Promise of Provence. That’s the Kindle site on
    It’s a novel set in Provence, just out recently. It’s not a travel guide but it might be an entertaining book to read on your travels.

  5. Gorgeous! I have another suggestion on a souvenir idea…especially since I just brewed a pot for myself…a tin of Mariage Frere tea. I highly recommend the green Lily Muguet–delicious!! Plus, once the tea is gone, you will have a lovely tin to use and keep as a reminder. : )

  6. How wonderful to hear more about France from your past experiences and soon from the new ones! You’ve an amazing sense of travel adventure, Meg. Those gorgeous windows from Notre Dame are something else! I am sure you can hardly wait. ox

  7. You are always going to my favorite places! Mont St. Michel is one of those places that I literally felt myself melting into the past, knowing things I shouldn’t know about it. And you already know that I love Paris! You lucky girl!!!

    • I’m really thrilled to be going back to France! Mont Saint-Michel was impressive and charming – I’d go back there anytime. I hope the time goes very slowly while I’m there… :)

  8. I love those Paris street signs! There’s a street in Paris whose name is my birthday (something to do with one of the Napoleons), and I came across it unexpectedly. That’s one of my favorite photo souvenirs.

  9. Meg, you are going to love Provence. We are thinking about going back there this fall. I can’t wait to see this years photos as your photography is always wonderful.

  10. Wonderful souvenirs indeed :-) Look forward to reading all about your trip. Where will you be staying in Provence? We found Avignon convenient, but I would love to return and stay in some of the smaller villages and drive around.

  11. You may want to visit Aix-en-Provence. It is the home of Atelier Cézanne! It is one of my favourite places and it keeps calling me back. It is the master’s studio and you can still feel his energy over one hundred years after his death.

    I know you will have a wonderful time. It is France and you cannot go wrong!

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