Gelato and Travel

I’ve been thinking about souvenirs lately.  But some things don’t last and are not actual souvenirs unless I’ve taken a picture.  This would include gelato.  Chocolate is another thing that doesn’t last but I can only consider one irresistible treat at a time.


I associate gelato with my travels to Italy even though I’ve found gelato in many other places.  But when I’m in Italy the excitement of finding a gelato shop and selecting one or more flavors is part of my travel experience.  Looking at the beautiful displays of colorful gelato adorned with flowers and garnished with fruit is part of the fun.  I always get a cone and use one of the tiny spoons to make it last longer.  With the cone wrapped in a thin napkin I’m ready to take a leisurely stroll while enjoying my gelato.  Considering that I have the beautiful scenery in Italy to admire, this is one of my favorite activities.


Although I have no souvenir postcards of gelato I do have these (and a few other) pictures that I’ve taken.   Travel and gelato have become treasured memories.


Taking a walk with gelato makes this scene perfect…

45 thoughts on “Gelato and Travel

  1. Every time I read about your gelato adventures I get a yearning to try some. As far as I’m aware I’ve never had it, only ice cream. I don’t know if it exists in Scotland, I expect it does if only I knew where to find it. In any case, it’s at the back of mind to try some if ever I get the opportunity, and wandering round Italy would be the ideal situation.

  2. Ah, a post after my own heart. I cannot imagine travel without gelato, or icecream or chocolate! Thankfully i walk so much when on holiday, that I don’t always come back with extra padding :-)

  3. Oh my goodness. Easy to see why you have such fond memories of gelato. I’m afraid if I went to Italy I would be sampling and indulging in gelato at least a couple times a day. I am a chocolate and ice cream junky.

  4. I know everytime you look at these photos, Meg, you have a huge smile on your face , you close your eyes and you are back there. The little gelato shop in Fennville tries but they do not have the consistancy that you have found in Italy. We need to see the nirvana look on your face when you have your next cone .And that is SOON !!!!

    • Gelato is so delicious that I always look forward to finding it while I’m traveling! And we both know that it’s great to have pictures of gelato too… :)

  5. It’s gelato time again for me soon – though me and the girls are going to Krakow not Italy this time. I’m sure we’ll at least find ice cream if not gelato – I will post a picture just to support your research.

  6. I think of you every time I see gelato, and I often stop and enjoy some myself. But somehow I think the reason it is so special to you is it is linked with Italy! There’s no way to reproduce that feeling here in the States. :-)

  7. Thank you for introducing me to gelato last year!! I hope that someday I go to Italy to taste the authentic version! I had some in Grand Cayman our final stop before heading home to Miami and it was great! I forgot to take a photo though :(.

    • You are very welcome! It sounds like you had some good gelato in Grand Cayman. I just started taking pictures of gelato recently – they make great souvenirs!

  8. I’d kill for some gelato right now! it’s delicious! We have fantastic artisan gelato in Argentina thanks to all the Italian immigrants and I have to say that Argentina and of course Italy are the two countries with the best gelato in the whole wide world. I’ve just returned from Italy, where a had a gelato a day. it doesn’t get better than that.

  9. every time you post about gelato I’m glad I currently live in Italy and can just go down the road to get some….I’ll be really sad in a year and a half when you post about gelato and I won’t be able to get it as easily any more….definitely one of the best parts about Italy!!

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