Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

I just got back from a short trip that included a visit to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  There was a chair lift ride that provided panoramic views of the mountains when I reached the top.  On the way down I was directly above this scene just before I got off.  You may notice the shadow in the top corner.  I’ve included some other pictures to show what I could see from my seat on the chair lift.

35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

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  2. It is so green, clean, fresh and new looking. Nothing like Spring in the Hills…….well maybe summer in Italy !

  3. In all the years we traveled YEARLY to that area (Sevierville/Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg) we never once did this chair lift. We talked about doing it but never did. Sooooo many breathtaking views around there.

    • This was my first visit and I thought it was gorgeous! I wanted to get a good look at the mountains and I definitely did on the chair lift ride. I think it’s great that you’ve spend a lot of time there :)

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  6. Lovely photographs, Meg! No wonder why the Scots claimed it as their Scotland when they first arrived–such beautiful, hilly, greenery! :)

  7. As I’m speeding through my blog reader, I keep having to stop and open your posts. Your photos draw me right in. Such splendid greenery in these shots!

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