A Wildflower Walk in the Mountains

Last week I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  One afternoon I took a walk in the Great Smoky Mountains and there were many wildflowers along the trail.  The whole time I could hear the sound of rushing water and the sunlight was rather pale as it filtered through the leaves on the trees.  The mountain air was fresh and very fragrant.  Here are some of the flowers and other sights along the path.


46 thoughts on “A Wildflower Walk in the Mountains

  1. What a beautiful sight this is, Meg. I am so glad you had the chance for a refreshing nature walk. Such a special place, and I just love those rock stairs. I have the sense you were more or less on your own, able to have a little private talk with the great outdoors. I love when that happens! :-)


  2. The Great Smokies are so beautiful and I’m speaking as a proud North Carolinian as part of them are also in NC. The whole area is just spectacular. Did you happen to see any elk or bear? Pretty nice wildlife there as well.


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