A Park in Barcelona

I just got back from my trip to Spain and France!  I thought I would begin by showing some of the beautiful tiles from Park Güell in Barcelona.  It was a challenge getting there because it involved a walk up a steep hill that took me a while to complete.  The park was delightful and quite spacious so it didn’t seem too crowded.  There were also plenty of benches so it was possible to find a place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.  The tiles were both original and colorful and the park was a cheerful place on a sunny afternoon.



77 thoughts on “A Park in Barcelona

  1. Thanks for sharing Meg. When I went to this park a couple of months ago there were so many people sitting on the benches that I couldn’t see all of their beautiful designs.

    • I was fortunate that there were mostly families and teenagers in the park (it was late afternoon on a weekday). For me the biggest issue was walking up that steep hill to the park entrance!

  2. Wow, I just love the tile work and the curving benches. Spain has some amazing architecture and beautiful tile work. Forgot the name of the artist but I love his work.Thank you for sharing these delightful photos.

  3. I never did get to this park but plan to one day. Love it, the colours and contours are amazing. Thanks for the pictures. I just got back from Spain too.

  4. So pretty and fresh, what a beautiful place. Welcome back! Cannot believe that your trip is over, was only thinking about you the other day and wondering how your holiday was going.

  5. Ah-ha! I thought so. And now I’m very jealous. I so want to go to Barcelona. Your tile shots are gorgeous. There seem to be lots of variations in people’s response to the park so I think maybe you were lucky. Always a good thing. :)

  6. I love this park and arrived just after sun rise when we went so it was pretty much empty and allowed for perfect people free pics. I was there many years ago and dreaming of getting back. Thanks for sharing.

  7. You know something, I bet we were at Park Guell on the same day! It was our second visit to Barcelona, but our first to the park. We lost each other in the park! What a coincidence. My brother by coincidence was shadowing us through Italy as well. It is a small world~

  8. wou!!! Meg!!! you have done really a lot. From Avignone and Provence to Barcellona, is a long way!! Did you take any suggestion from my post? I hope yes. Beautiful Park guell, Sagrada and all the area around Barcellona’s Cathedral.
    Ciao Bea

  9. Again, one of my favourite places! I loved photographing the tiles, but as I found myself there in the middle of the day with the sun blazing down the lighting was quite harsh. I’d love to go back there some day in the early morning or late evening when the lihgt is softer.

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