A Market in Barcelona

I had heard of La Boqueria before going to Barcelona so I noticed the entrance sign while walking along La Rambla.  There were people everywhere buying – and selling – vegetables, fruit, candy, and other interesting items.  The next afternoon I went there again and when it was time to close vendors began reducing the prices.  I ended up with a coconut drink (like a smoothie) and a container of watermelon with a tiny fork for half the regular price.  I continued to look around and these were some of the colorful sights.



66 thoughts on “A Market in Barcelona

  1. Those are really great colors, and the way things are stacked and displayed is really lovely. I can’t tell what the fruit or vegetable is hanging in clumps–the ones that look like tomatoes? I can’t determine how they are hanging…what kind of stems? It looks like an engineering marvel to me! :-) I love the rows of “smoothies” or whatever the drink is. Very summery!


  2. Wow, love the hanging tomatoes, I agree it looks like an engineering marvel the way they have them invisibly joined together.


  3. Very colorful! Looks great! That’s coming from someone who could look at a Burpee Catalog for hours because of the colors of the vegetables and flowers…LOL


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