Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

When I was in Barcelona I wanted to see the architecture of Gaudi.  One place I went was to the Casa Batlló and spent a good deal of time in each room and outdoor space.  There were colorful and whimsical shapes throughout the house and many of them featured curves.



81 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

  1. Meg, so glad you posted these pics. They are great because they show examples of his work I have not seen before. I personally love his work. You are a great photographer too cuz you get such great shots and they are always interesting. Keep on traveling and I’ll keep on appreciating going along with you on your journeys.


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  3. Gaudi is the perfect selection for curves….love the pics Meg. Takes me back to when I finally stopped in Barcelona instead of just hopscotch through the airport…so much to see (don’t know why I didn’t stop before!)


  4. Fabulous pictures of one of my favourite places. I featured Casa Batlló in my book Amanda in Spain- The Girl in the Painting. I spent many hours there when I visited Barcelona.


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  6. Such magnificent shots of architecture, Meg – you seriously make me want to visit!! I love travelling around mainland Europe so I still can’t believe I haven’t yet visited Barcelona, it’s crazy really: I’ll have to plan a trip for sometime this summer! :)

    Amelia xx


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  8. Funny, when I saw the theme of the challenge, I immediately thought of Gaudi. I first saw his work on a visit in 1990 – sadly the photos from that period are all faded now, but not in my head yet. But it was great to see your photos, and perfect for the curves challenge.
    All the best from Brisbane, Australia.


  9. I’ve never been to Barcelona and always appreciate the chance to see it through someone else’s eyes. Thanks for sharing!


  10. Oh, I just love Gaudi, and I really like seeing these because I haven’t seen them before – little details of buildings I haven’t seen in other photographs – nice!


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