Signs to Follow in Madrid

I like to take pictures of signs wherever I go.  Sometimes I use them as a way to retrace my steps so I won’t get lost.  Other times they are charming or unique.  I must have been hungry when I took these pictures because there are several food signs.  I was trying to decide between lunch or dessert.  That’s when I saw the sign for a gelato shop.

There are signs on this building too.


46 thoughts on “Signs to Follow in Madrid

  1. I love the street signs in Madrid!! great walk down memory lane, We stayed at Posada del Peine and had a bad experience :( while it was a great location, service was not that good. but great photos of one of my favorite cities!!!

  2. Interesting signs and especially like the colorful building in the last pic. You took the shot from a great angle.

    • Gelato is one of my favorite things about travel! I found lots of gelato shops in Madrid so you should have many choices. I hope you have a great time in Spain!

    • It really helps me to have pictures of signs so I don’t get lost! And you are right – I went for a gelato and didn’t think about lunch until much later… :)

  3. Oh boy! A large bowl of gelato sounds wonderful right now! Someday I hope to return to Espana. Loved following you around in Madrid!

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