Signs to Follow in Madrid

I like to take pictures of signs wherever I go.  Sometimes I use them as a way to retrace my steps so I won’t get lost.  Other times they are charming or unique.  I must have been hungry when I took these pictures because there are several food signs.  I was trying to decide between lunch or dessert.  That’s when I saw the sign for a gelato shop.

There are signs on this building too.


46 thoughts on “Signs to Follow in Madrid

  1. I love the street signs in Madrid!! great walk down memory lane, We stayed at Posada del Peine and had a bad experience :( while it was a great location, service was not that good. but great photos of one of my favorite cities!!!


  2. Oh boy! A large bowl of gelato sounds wonderful right now! Someday I hope to return to Espana. Loved following you around in Madrid!


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