How to Get Around in Paris

There are many ways to get from one place to another with lots of options to consider.  When I’m in Paris I like to walk as much as possible.  That way I can follow signs like this:


I have noticed people on bicycles too.  Maybe I’ll try that next time…


I’ve also found that it is convenient to use the metro system – just look for the sign.


When I am not in a hurry and don’t actually have to be anywhere this is just about perfect.


47 thoughts on “How to Get Around in Paris

  1. When we were there we walked so much….blisters sprouted on my feet like a little mini-plague. But we also found using the Metro to be very easy and expedient.


  2. Oh, I love the shade of aqua of the cruiser with the basket in the handlebars. I’ve heard it’s easier to bike through Paris these days – how I’d love to give it a go. Next visit to Paris I’m two wheeling it! Thanks for th ideas!


    • Thanks! I think walking is such a great way to see Paris. If I ever need to rest there are plenty of benches and other places to sit. Cycling could be another good choice… :)


  3. In Rome we didn’t like the public transport and so walked 9-12 kms a day, by the time we got to Paris, it was about 5-7kms because we were so tired we had to use the metro a little bit. But still prefer walking in a new city. I like walking in my city. I just like walking in cities.


  4. Walking, I agree, is the best way to get to know a place. But my challenge is climbing hills and mountains like going up and down the steps of Montmarte.


  5. I love walking around Paris too. We use the metro quite a lot if the place is far. They have a great metro system, but I usually just love to walk around. It is the best way to see the city :)


  6. Paris is a great city to walk round and there are so many nooks and crannies to discover. On the subject of bikes you might like to read my blog post Tandem Buddies about a group who enable partially-sighted cyclists to explore France on tandems. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’m looking forward to reading about more of your travels.


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