Things I Might Forget to Pack

I just got out a suitcase for a trip to Maine.  Since it is only for one week it should be simple to pack.  But the suitcase is empty and I’m staring at it and wondering what to bring.  I think I might want to bring a jacket because I’ll be at the beach and it could cool off in the evening.  A sweater could also work.  Maybe both?


The one thing I try to remember is that I can always buy anything I forget later.  Because of that I now have a tube of toothpaste from Italy, a comb from Prague, and pads of paper from France.  These are different from my usual souvenirs (refrigerator magnets and postcards).  I don’t bring food or sweets because I know I’ll get them wherever I’m going.  I look forward to finding chocolate, gelato and other treats while I travel.  They never make it home either.

So now I’ll start packing and if I forget something I’ll just have to buy it later.


47 thoughts on “Things I Might Forget to Pack

  1. I love to pack light. On our last jaunt to Europe of 6 weeks we each too one carryon and threw away clothes and bought clothes as needed. The experience is much more valuable than lugging around items, besides now I have a suitcase full of wonderful clothes from all over Europe.


  2. Oh, I know that feeling. It’s hot, so I’ll pack light clothes. But, if it rains, I’ll need these shoes. And if the temperature drops, those jeans. And, and, and …. then I take way more stuff than I end up using, but I am prepared!


  3. such a nice blog post to write. You should do a follow up with “funniest things I had to buy while traveling” and tell us all the things you’ve forgotten before! i’d love to see a picture of the pad of paper from France :)


  4. Enjoy your trip to Maine. I know, when I am going away, I get into a minor packing panic and worry that I’ve forgotten something so it’s good to read this reminder that most things can be bought on arrival.


  5. I hope your trip will be wonderful. I always tell all of our guests visiting us to pack a light jacket or cotton sweater depending on what you will be doing. Right now we are having unusually hot weather with lows in the mid 60’s…Sunday the low will be 48. You just never know as weather in Maine is very unpredictable. :)


  6. Love that last photo, the flowers are so pretty and fresh, and the color of the wall behind them appeals to me, too. My daughter will be visiting Maine soon, a destination she has longed to see for years.


  7. have a great trip meg, we have not been to maine but i will look forward to seeing your photos! it is funny what we bring hoom from a trip, definitely not the chocolates, but i got a super organic face cleanser in paris last time :)


  8. I agree with the sweets and treats that never make it back! ;) …

    … do you use a Travel Check-List? I have a hard copy which I save on my laptop and print it out and check it off every time I travel. I can add or delete as I go along. Saves me the headache and valuable time thinking about what to bring.

    … also, I have discovered that I’ve created a “travel wardrobe” … where certain dresses/sweaters/shoes are reserved for just traveling (and to certain places) so I know exactly what to pack when the time comes, which seems to be the case every weekend! :)

    Hope this helps … and happy travels in Maine!


  9. So much chocolate! I always forget something on my travels, two things I hated forgetting were the memory cards for my camera and the battery charger, missed getting some great shots but thankfully I was able to buy them and now I have spares :-)


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