Travel theme: Tilted

I’ve been enjoying my time at the beach in Maine.  I happened to notice a sign for ice cream when I was on an evening walk.  This is a treat I always enjoy so I stopped for a small (or it might have been a medium) cone.


As I continued to walk I saw a street sign that was also tilted.  I liked the name and thought it was just right for the area.


When I looked beyond the street there was the ocean.  It is quite a pleasant view at sunset, especially when you’re eating ice cream.


32 thoughts on “Travel theme: Tilted

  1. I am so enjoying the different themes! I love thinking in themes and I am always inspired by your creativity and photography within each new theme. Brilliant! ~Thea


  2. That is a wonderful view, Meg. I think all beach towns must have at least one ice cream shop with just such a cone sign! It almost looks familiar, yet I’ve never been to Maine! Hope you enjoy more cones and that special strand of beach. :-)


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