Greetings from Maine

After my trip I decided that July is a great time to visit Maine.  While I was there it was hot during the day but in the evening a breeze from the ocean made it much cooler.  Lots of people were at the beach and there was plenty of room for everyone’s chairs, blankets and umbrellas (at least before high tide).  I heard people say that the water was slightly warmer than usual.  During the afternoon when the sun was so bright I visited the local lighthouse and then went into town to shop and stay indoors for a while.  Here are some of the places I saw.


An early bird at sunrise.

MaineThe start of a new day.

67 thoughts on “Greetings from Maine

  1. Great shots of a quaint east coast town on the shores of the sea. You captured the spirit of the town and it looks so inviting.


  2. My husband and i spent a week in Maine a few years ago and it truly is a beautiful state. We were also fortunate to spend a few nights in Bar Harbour. Your post brought back some great memories. As always, love your photography! ~Thea


  3. We were in Maine a few days ago to ride the Brunswick-Rockland train. I regretted that I did not pack a sweater. But then, who would think of wearing a sweater in July? Only in Maine, I suppose. :-)


  4. Oh yes! I’ve been to Maine on two different vacations! Had such a great time while we were there…both times! They have some of the best lobster around, and I love the rocky coast line with the light houses! Your photos are beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time!


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  6. Nuble Light is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Maine. I have a cottage near Long Sands beach and have shot Nuble in almost every condition you can name. It is really pretty at night during the holiday season!


  7. Is Maine not just wonderful? I love that state. We have friends who have a summer camp near Stockton Springs, so I’ve seen some of the coast while visiting them. Your pictures remind me of good times! So glad Gallivance posted a link to you so I could meet you through your blog.


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