Summer Vacation

Taking a vacation in the summer is something I did with my family when I was growing up.  Everyone enjoyed the time off and I remember collecting seashells in my brightly colored pail and building sand castles at the beach.


Now I’m likely to take a vacation in May or sometime in the fall because the places I want to go are less crowded at those times.  I like to go somewhere that’s on my travel list and really explore.  Since I prefer not to travel when the weather is too hot I actually avoid the summer months.

Still, there’s something special about taking time off during the summer and relaxing by the water.  I have pleasant memories of being by the ocean and realizing that the biggest decision of the day is whether to have vanilla or chocolate ice cream.  This is actually quite difficult for me and I would probably have a scoop of both.


Summer and vacation go together well.


46 thoughts on “Summer Vacation

  1. We used to vacation at the beach every year when I was a kid….back when people could actually take TWO weeks off for vacations! I did the whole shell collection thing too – it was such fun. A special treat was to go to Cape May and search the beaches for Cape May diamonds, which I would polish and save as if they were real gems. :) Good memories.

  2. Oh, I agree, Meg! Taking a vacation off season equals total relaxation – no parked tour buses with the engines left running, no impatient tourists waiting in long museum lines (one who could be me) and lower hotel rates. Your thoughts and pictures are great!

  3. Nice post, Meg! For me, summer in southern Ontario is the best time of the year and I would rather stay home than travel. I take short weekend trips within province and leave the country at other times.

  4. What a lovely post and photos, Meg! Really captures the essemce of uour memories! I also avoid hot weather for travel! Looks like this year you can travel almost anywhere in August and it’s still COLD?!?!?!?! What?!?!?!

  5. I remember our summer trips when I was a kid. Oh how I looked forward to them. Now I prefer not to travel during the summer holidays because of the crowds, but sometimes it can’t be helped.

  6. I can take vacation any time, I suppose, but I seem to still aim for summer! Summer and vacation do seem to naturally go together. I love the photo of the chairs lined up at the shore. I took a similar picture this summer because it just looked inviting! I’d like to be sitting at the ocean’s edge right now! I know you enjoyed your time in Maine…now I’m waiting to read about what’s next! :-)

  7. Summer vacations are fun, ours usually happen over Christmas when we visit family or they come to visit us. Our holidays at that time of year almost always includes some time at the beach with the dogs unless it is one of those really wet summers we’ve been experiencing in recent years. As much as I would like to travel around Europe in summer, I think the heat and the crowds would be too much unless of course I was lucky enough to find a nice secluded spot in the mountains :-)

    • I would really enjoy having summer vacation at Christmas! It has been very wet this summer but there’s still enough good weather to go to the beach. Being in the mountains in Europe sounds just wonderful… :)

  8. There’s nothing quite like a vacation, at any time of year. I’ve just come back from somewhere that looked very like your first shot and it was nice to see that picture and be reminded of my recent holiday. The sound of waves lapping on the shore is so restful and makes me think of being on vacation.

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