Postcards from the Lake District

When I was in England I spent some time in Grasmere.  It was late summer and everything was green.  As I walked and looked around there were many charming scenes that I have never forgotten.

It was a pleasant visit!


60 thoughts on “Postcards from the Lake District

  1. Lovely last photo, especially. And I like the look of the hardscapes accenting the soft landscape in the others. Stone is a favorite of mine.


  2. I have always wanted to visit the Lake District. It looks so inviting. Perhaps my character, Amanda, could visit there one time. I’m sure she could have quite an adventure there.


  3. I seem to’ve missed a few of your posts, Meg. Impossible sometimes, isn’t it :)
    It looks cool, damp and green, which is exactly how things are at the moment, but not for long. Those Autumn colours are rushing in!


  4. I do love the Lake District and haven’t been for ages. I took the train from Manchester to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago; it passes through and I was sorely tempted to jump of the train. The sun even came out to tempt me further! Thanks for sharing.


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