Another Adventure


I’m getting ready for a trip to London and Cornwall.  This doesn’t mean packing (yet) because I haven’t tried to find out what the weather will be like.  However I am planning to bring an umbrella and a poncho and hoping that I won’t need either one.  This is my first visit to Cornwall and I will be traveling there by train.  If you happen to be there and you see someone on a bicycle (the kind with a basket attached to the handlebars) with at least one camera it is probably me.  I will also try to put the camera away and simply admire the scenery.  Watch for some “postcards” along the way.

Here are some familiar places that I’ve already seen.



I’ll see you again soon!

38 thoughts on “Another Adventure

  1. Hi Meg, What a great adventure! We used to live and work in London, and on the weekends we would hop on a train to explore some new area of that wonderful country. Cornwall was one of our favorite destinations – and you’ll love doing it on a bike. Have a blast! All the best, Terri


  2. Wish you could put me in your luggage! I’m still dreaming of visiting Cornwall, some 30 years after people asked me on my first overseas trip if I was from there (apparently my northwestern US accent sounded similar to them). Someday! Meanwhile, I hope you have a stellar time there, dear Meg!


  3. Hello Meg .. was that you we passed by in our Camper van the other day ;-) … we are just back and the weather was mixed I have to say, but am sure you will have really loved it !
    Look forward to hearing more about your adventures down there .


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