Greetings from Cornwall


Hello again!  I’m having a wonderful time in Cornwall and I thought it was time to send some postcards.  The weather has been sunny, rainy, windy, sunny again, cloudy – and that can be repeated hourly.  I thought it might be like this so I’ve been dressing in layers and it is working out just fine.  Here are some of the places that I’ve seen so far.

Everywhere I look I see something charming.


42 thoughts on “Greetings from Cornwall

  1. What a magical place to be, Meg! So glad you could take this wonderful trip, and I think it was wonderful that you’d share some post cards with us! Others have said it, but I must also…I LOVE that bench. :-)

  2. Hello Meg so glad you enjoyed Cornwall !
    St Ives :-) I loved it too … the tide was out both days we visited so it’s nice to see the boats bobbing in your photos :-)
    Lovely photos !

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