Flowers in Cornwall

The flowers that I saw in Cornwall were really memorable.  They were outside of train stations, hanging in baskets in front of shops and in gardens.

I liked these dainty looking flowers growing from a wall.


This sign is interesting because I hadn’t thought about sitting on the planter.


There were flowers that adorned the walls and windows of buildings.


Why try to climb the stairs when you can simply admire this view?


45 thoughts on “Flowers in Cornwall

  1. They can grow some flowers. So quaint and charming, seems europe is the place for flowers everywhere even up and down their buildings. Really a special treat to see all your photos.


  2. The English know their flowers and how to grow a beautiful English Garden anywhere . Maybe the amount of rainfall they have has something to do with it too. Their flowers are as colorful as their language(Jo !!!) and their expats(Jo !!!!) Thanks , Meg……lovely pics with a cup of breakfast tea this am.


  3. Love that planter arrangement. Glad you weren’t tempted it sit in it! Flowers, flowers everywhere! The wall bedecked with them is gorgeous, too.


  4. The dainty wall-sprouts shot particularly delights me; I’ve always loved how something so incredibly fragile and delicate looking can grow through the narrowest fissure in stone or concrete, belying its seeming frailty!


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