When It Was Cloudy

One afternoon in Cornwall it was very cloudy and looked like it might rain.  I thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures in black and white.  I’ll always remember how lovely everything looked even under gray skies.

After a few hours it became much lighter.


Maybe later there would be a glimpse of blue sky…

37 thoughts on “When It Was Cloudy

  1. I will say that the black and white seems so old world and does give the photos character, but give me a world of color any day of the week. I think it is interesting to see what the black and white will do to a shot and for me makes me appreciate even more the beautiful world of color in which we live.


  2. Love the feel of these B&W shots Meg and having experienced a few I agree Cornwall is still lovely even on grey days ! The sun seems to pop out on the most unlikely of days :-)


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