Ice Cream and Cream Tea

I have a tradition of looking for ice cream when I travel and this continued when I was in Cornwall.  I also decided to try a cream tea.  With the idea of cream in mind I discovered other treats that contained clotted cream such as fudge and shortbread.


It was easy finding all the places I was looking for because of the strategic placement of the signs.  There were lots of possibilities and it was difficult to decide where to go but after a good walk it was time to choose.  The place that I went for cream tea was very good and I used all the clotted cream and jam on my scone.  Soon after the tea it was time for an ice cream cone.  After sampling several flavors on tiny spoons I chose vanilla with clotted cream fudge and it was delicious.  I should have taken a photo as a souvenir but of course I couldn’t wait to try it.

One of the best things about ice cream is that it is simple to walk around or find a bench outdoors and enjoy a view like this.


46 thoughts on “Ice Cream and Cream Tea

  1. Oh Meg, It’s not even breakfast time here and already you’ve got me craving ice cream! What a pleasure to enjoy something so wonderful while also enjoying a beautiful view. You take the best trips!


  2. Mmmmm, cream teas….ooh, that photo of the scone with cream and jam made me want to be back in Cornwall sitting at an outside table in the sunshine. I’m glad you found some tasty ice cream, too, very important for you.


  3. That is a really neat tradition when traveling. TO find and enjoy ice cream in different places visited. I love that idea! Now the question is how many different places have you enjoyed this tasty frozen treat?


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