A Carousel and Other Souvenirs

When I was in Arles, France this spring I wanted to take a look around.  Following a sign seemed like a good way to begin.


The buildings were colorful and there were interesting places to shop.



Then I discovered a carousel and decided to take some pictures as souvenirs.  Although it wasn’t open at the time I thought that the cars (including the animals) were charming.

Here is the entire carousel and a detail of one of the panels that features the amphitheater.



These pictures are now my souvenir postcards from Arles.

36 thoughts on “A Carousel and Other Souvenirs

  1. Looks like a charming place to visit. Must have been thrilling to discover the carousel. I have always had a special place in my heart for them. This one is a little different from the usual. Thanks again for a peek into another special place in the world.


  2. I love the carousel! It’s not the garish, screaming colors one usually sees. I would think children would automatically be very drawn to ride, as to me, it looks like the top of a pretty birthday cake! :-)


  3. Arles looks beautiful, Meg. Makes me realise I’ve missed out bigtime by not visiting France. :(
    But, on the other hand, I’ve spent lots of time admiring carousels – both on and off them. I was never a very brave child but If I could ride in Cinderella’s coach I was enchanted. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I like the Way you Think – pictures as souvenirs :) I do the same – why drag lots of stuff home except from pictures? Most souvenirs are appropriate fort the places where you find Them, but somehow They never look as great on your own shelf. Keep up the good travelling!


  5. What a lovely carousel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with a pumpkin-carriage! Cute little shops, and I always love those window boxes with flowers spilling over.


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