A Walk in London

When I’m walking in London there are certain places I can’t miss such as Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.  But this time I decided to take a look around and notice other things such as…

It is also nice to see something familiar while walking in London.


Here my focus was on the basket of flowers rather than the bus!


36 thoughts on “A Walk in London

  1. Love those buses and phone booths. They are so charming and no photo album would be complete without them when visiting London.


  2. I love that they still have their trademark phone booths in London. Are those palm trees I see at the top?! My favorite is the Curiosity Shop photo; I’m a literature lover and that intrigues me. And I’m 100% in agreement with the chocolate ice cream sign! :D


  3. Love Dicken’s House, and this is what I like to do when I walk in London. Go into smaller neighbourhood, walk along the mews, and there are always interesting things to discover.


  4. Good for you for straying from the main attractions – although I could fly to London and ONLY see Westminster Abbey again and be very happy. Great shots, and I agree, chocolate ice cream NOW!!


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