Travel in Autumn

In keeping with the theme of this blog I have been traveling a lot lately.  A few weeks ago I was in North Carolina and Tennessee and I saw lots of mountains as well as the fall foliage.  Last week I was in Nevada and I had the opportunity to see Hoover Dam.  There is quite a contrast between the scenery in the southeast and the west.

The mountains in October (east):



Hoover Dam scenes in November (west):

I didn’t know that Hoover Dam is in both Nevada and Arizona, and there is a time difference.  You can see that I can walk fast (or slow depending on which time zone you follow).



39 thoughts on “Travel in Autumn

  1. You fairly get about! Lovely photos and very interesting about the time zones at the Hoover Dam, I didn’t know that. It must be quite a sight, that dam, I’ve only ever seen it in pictures and on TV but it looks very impressive.

  2. I love the mountain photos (I’m partial to the east and anywhere with changing seasons). If I were ever able to have a cabin in the woods, it would definitely be atop a mountain, if for no other reason than to have autumn and winter views. :)

  3. I love Hoover Dam and we’ve been talking about making another trip before too long. I did some reading up on the history of the building and it gives me a reason to return. My sister-in-law and family lived in Arizona and she worked across the Colorado River in Nevada. She lived and worked in two different time zones. I always thought that was hilarious for a fifteen minute commute! You’re right about very different color patterns and seasonal differences in the west. It’s predicted our SoCal temps will hit 90 degrees tomorrow…insanity!

  4. Meg, your photos are exquisite, especially the first two. The Hoover Dam pics are interesting. I’ve been there, but only viewed it from the road, as we were just passing through on our way to Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, and were in a bit of a rush.

  5. After seeing a documentary about the building of the Hoover Dam we were hoping we’d have time to visit sadly not …but nice to see it through your eyes Meg the location and those time difference clocks !

  6. Beautiful photos! Love the trees and the colours…I miss that already. We’ve had snow here for a few weeks now.

    I’ve been to the Hoover Dam a couple of times and it is incredible to see. I haven’t been there since they put the new bridge in, though.

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