Train Stations

I had some great experiences traveling around England by train recently, like when I was on a train from Plymouth to London Paddington.  It offered tea, sandwiches and snacks about every twenty minutes via trolley.  Many other items were free such as bottles of water, bags of peanuts and shortbread, which I really liked.

When there was a wait between trains I either went inside at larger stations (Plymouth) or walked around outside looking for interesting views.  The train ride to St Ives was beautiful and I managed to get a good seat so I could take some pictures.  The areas surrounding many of the stations were also lovely, especially at places outside of cities.

I didn’t expect to see these scenes by one of the stations…



35 thoughts on “Train Stations

    • I’d like to try that train sometime! I had a BritRail pass with a first class ticket for the longer rides (London to Plymouth). I was amazed there were so many treats that were free of charge!


  1. I agree – train travel in Europe is special. I always remember getting great Panini sandwiches just outside the train cars in Italy! And we would enjoy them while travelling to our next destination!


  2. There’s nothing quite like travelling by train, but free snacks? I’ don’t think I’ve ever had that on a train (I should travel first class). It makes a change to read something so positive about British rail travel, we’re always moaning about our trains.


  3. I envy you for all of your wonderful travels, Meg! But what I admire most about you is the joy you find everywhere you go…it’s a true gift. Keep on keeping on, and keep posting about it!!!


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