Travel theme: Silver

When I was in Italy I was determined to sample as much gelato as possible.  This picture presents a display of many flavors embellished with fruit and flowers and kept in silver-colored containers.  Now I need to plan another trip to Italy and include lots of stops for gelato.


40 thoughts on “Travel theme: Silver

      • Hey – not to butt in, but when you have a “calling” for gelato, you just can’t help answering those in need! LOL! One of our favorite places in Florence is Gelateria dei Neri, located on Via Dei Neri 20-22r. It is close to Piazza della Signoria and the Uffizzi. Worth the visit!!

  1. You remind me of my visit to Italy many years ago. My hosts were eager for me to sample every gelato in every village or town we visited. At first it was fun but after a few days of endless gelatos….I could hardly bear the sight of them :D

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