Postcards from Williamsburg

A few weeks ago I drove to Colonial Williamsburg for the afternoon.  This is the first place I’ve visited since moving to Virginia last month.  The weather was perfect and warm enough that I was carrying my coat as I walked.  This was a very unusual thing for me to do in January!  As I walked around I decided to take some pictures as souvenirs of a mild winter day in a historic area.  Right now it seems more like winter to me.  However it should warm up in a few days and then I’ll have to go on more adventures.

It was wonderful to see these bright colors.


36 thoughts on “Postcards from Williamsburg

  1. Colonial Williamsburg has something for everybody. I love that history is brought to life, the park is super clean and the restaurants – and ye ole taverns – offer vintage meals accompanied by spoon bread and apple pie with cheddar cheese.


  2. past by never stop, but have great memories of Virginia ever since a nice auto dealer guy help me out on the I95 with no brakes and took into his house in Middlethonian (sp?) near Richmond.


  3. Seeing this brought back such great memories for me… I grew up in VA, and loved the chances I had to visit Colonial Williamsburg. Christmas there really is something special. Thanks for this post!


  4. That’s one thing I like about winter here, every once in awhile there’s a bonus day–or two–of lovely weather. Glad you got out and made the most of it.


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