Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

There is so much activity in Paris that I wanted a postcard taken with my camera of a lively scene on a Saturday afternoon.  This is my souvenir picture (taken in May) showing what I observed during a drive through the city.


More photos are here.


40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

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  2. Nice shot. You have the street life, and the grand architecture in the background–and obviously a beautiful day, weather-wise. Love your header image.


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  6. Great Parisian scene! I lived there for 3 months one spring while doing research and loved being a Parisienne for a short while.
    Have just found your blog and noticed you’d been in Edinburgh – was so sorry for your cold and damp Tattoo experience. Yes, locals would always take warm clothing, waterproofs, waterproof rug and seat cushion for the Tattoo. I could have lent you some kit!


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