Work of Art

When I was in Cornwall last September the weather ranged from sun to rain and back again over several days.  On one of the misty afternoons I was on a walk enjoying the view and taking some pictures.  When I looked at this particular one later it reminded me more a watercolor painting than a photograph.  It is now among my favorite memories of St Ives.


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43 thoughts on “Work of Art

  1. You’re so right! I looked at the photo before reading and I thought it was a watercolor! Quite fascinating. I think your trip to Cornwall was indeed a special experience, Meg. :-) It must be fun to look back!


  2. Beautiful shot, Meg, and you’re right. It has the quality f a painting about it. I have been to most of England, but never made it to Cornwall. I would like to go there one day.


  3. I was at that same spot many, many years ago in the same weather conditions, rainy and sunny on and off… even in the rain the light is magical there… I can see an artist sitting there and painting that scene in water colors… just as you did with the camera!


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