Renewing a Passport

Next month it will be time to renew my passport.  It’s a little worn now with lots of interesting stamps and memories, including a stamp from my very first visit to Italy.  On the back cover are colorful stickers that have accumulated over the years.  When I started traveling with this passport I didn’t take many photos.  I was too busy looking around and trying to remember everything that I saw.  Because of this I have very few pictures from early trips.  Then there was the time that I forgot to bring my camera to the Grand Place in Brussels. I had to buy a disposable camera and to my disappointment the pictures were blurry.  I’ll have to go there again so I can get better photographs!

It’s wonderful to have done so much traveling over the past few years.  Here are some of my favorite memories of trips where I took many, many pictures.

Now that it’s time for a new passport I’m definitely planning on more traveling, and some trips will be local since I’m living in a different place (Virginia).  I’m looking forward to more adventures and to start getting stamps in my new passport!

50 thoughts on “Renewing a Passport

  1. Beautiful…. it brings back a lot of memories. I have a ton of pictures, but unfortunately back in the day, a lot of them were neatly put away in photo albums and not on the computer. I wish there was a way that we could get all our travel memories in one spot, don’t you? Glad you were able to put some beautiful ones up though, and good luck with your passport, I’ll be doing that pretty soon myself.


  2. You’re so fortunate to have the time and ability to travel so much. The collage here is beautiful – and of course, no collage would be complete without a gelato pic! :D I’m looking forward to your new adventures!


  3. Very happy to know that you were able to travel to all these exciting places in only a few years’ time. Hope the new passport is destined to have many wonderful stamps as well :)


  4. What a sweet Anthology of photos and treasured travel experiences,dear Meg !!!
    I’m sure you wll go back to Brussels and then,you will capture the best photos ever …
    Soon your new passport will be ready and can’t wait to see your new photos.
    All the best to you,dear Meg , Doda :)


  5. It’s surprisingly hard to renew that passport, isn’t it? It feels like starting over, esp when the old one has accrued so many adventures. Hopefully you have somewhere fun to visit soon!


  6. It’s quite a feeling to look at my passport splattered with stamps and be reminded of all the places i’ve been. Memories come flooding back to me, and I look at my passport as a well-worn memento!


  7. good article. I have when started traveling many years ago discarded photos for post cards and was not until the advent of the travel forum sites and blogs that I started taken photos seriously. there are many places I have been that now do not show any photos sadly/


  8. My passport was about to expire so I just got a new one too. For the first time ever it is nearly full with only a few pages left to fill with those precious stamps.
    Imagine my disappointment when Hong Kong and Maccau now staple a little paper, or worse yet, slip it in between the pages. No cool stamp, just plain typeface.


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