Travel theme: Unexpected

When I was in Florence, Italy I wanted to see the most famous places and sights of the city.  As I went from one landmark to another I walked through residential areas.  When I looked around I noticed something that I didn’t expect to see.  I usually think of shutters as decorative, but here they were both opened and closed and it looked like they were quite versatile.


Later that day I saw this building and thought that the pattern of the shutters was eye-catching.


These pictures are among my souvenirs of Italy and just as meaningful to me as this photograph I took in Florence.

FlorenceCheck here for more about this topic.

39 thoughts on “Travel theme: Unexpected

  1. Lovely photographs, as expected! You have a great eye. I do so find shutters enchanting, wish we incorporated them more here in the U.S.A. My 100 year old ranch house had the, but they were removed decades ago. I have seen photos and the addition of shutters adds such charm and character, not to mention shelter.


  2. Well seen and captured,Meg ! Most unusual shutters indeed, and they lend so much charm to the imposing buildings ! Doda :)
    PS : The last Florence image is gorgeous !


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